Getting to Know: Tyler Joe Miller

Tyler Joe Miller is a Canadian country music artist from Langley, BC, who quickly rose to fame with number one hit singles on country radio.

Miller grew up listening to country music and it was always his favourite genre.

He owns a non-profit that works on building projects in Central America. On one of his trips he enjoyed pulling out his guitar and playing music. Miller had a memorable conversation with a contractor on the trip who encouraged him to pursue music professionally as a way of helping people.

Miller’s main goal is to help people. “People is my passion,” he said. He realized he could get into country music and use his voice to impact and help people.

“I think country music has a heartbeat for relating and helping people and caring for others.”

After a couple years of getting started in the music industry, his label, MDM Recordings saw a video of him singing on Facebook and signed him.

His first two singles, “Pillow Talkin” and “I Would Be Over Me Too” both hit number one on Canadian Country Music Radio.

He was told not to expect his songs in the top 50 as a brand new artist starting from scratch and the songs exceeded all expectations.

“There is a lot of pressure starting off my career with two number one’s but I just want to put out music that I love and not think about the numbers and charts,” he said.

His first few singles were released right before the COVID-19 pandemic, which shut down all events and live music for a long period of time. Before ever playing a live show, Tyler Joe Miller had four songs on country radio.

“When I started playing shows people weren’t just watching me they were able to sing along, which is the coolest thing,” he said.

Miller opened up for Jess Moskaluke on the Mapdot Tour in the fall of 2022, which was his first real tour experience.

“We had a blast and being able to be in front of the fans is the best part. It was an unbelievable first tour experience.”

A memorable experience for him on tour was his home show in Vancouver. The day of the show Jess Moskaluke wasn’t able to perform so he ended up playing a full
90-minute set with his own band who were coming to watch the show.

“I am just so grateful for my band for being there and it was phenomenal and definitely the most memorable for me.”

Tyler Joe Miller currently has his most recent single, “Never Met a Beer” on radio with his friend Matt Lang but plans to get new music out shortly in the new year.

“We just want to get content out so people can hear more music and I think 2023 is going to be a good year for that.”

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