Banned & Outlawed Start 2023 by Releasing Three New Singles!

Manitoba duo of brothers, Banned & Outlawed (Jon and Daniel Hnatishin), have been keeping busy writing and releasing new music to start off the new year.

2022 was a big year for the duo with many shows and performances throughout Canada, which they look forward to continuing in 2023.

Banned & Outlawed released three new singles earlier this month, “A Song You Can Drink A Beer To,” “Dirt On You,” and “Good Ole’ Boy.”

“It is a long time coming and we are happy to be able to release them,” they said.

They are currently working on music videos for these songs including, “A Song You Can Drink A Beer To,” which is out now!

When writing songs they try to stay true to what they are writing, which helps them put emotion into the songs when performing.

They recorded these songs throughout the pandemic and have more recordings they are going to release this year as well.

Although they didn’t have a huge part in the writing process of these songs, they wanted to make sure they changed some elements to make them their own.

When choosing songs to record, they always go back to their influences, Jason Aldean and Eric Church and listen to the stories and meaning of the songs and see if it is something they can relate to.

Check out the duo’s three new singles and the music video for “A Song You Can Drink A Beer To.”

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