Madeline Merlo Releases New EP: Slide

Madeline Merlo, raised in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, grew up in a very musical family. She was always drawn to the storytelling aspect of country music and songwriting. Madeline knew from a young age she was meant to be in the country music industry and signed her first record deal in Canada when she was 18 years old.

Madeline Merlo was honoured with the Canadian Country Music Association’s Rising Star Award in 2015.

In 2020, Madeline won the season two premiere episode of the NBC songwriting reality series, Songland with her song “Champagne Night.” The song was recorded by Lady A and was a three-week number one hit.

“When I got the opportunity I was excited to sing on tv and did not expect to win and for Lady A to put it out and support the song the way they did,” she said.

“Champagne Night” opened a lot of doors for Madeline and brought her into the Nashville songwriting scene.

“It was a gift that kept on giving. I am so grateful for that song,” said Merlo.

In the fall of 2022, Madeline released her four-track EP, Slide.

After Songland Madeline signed with her current record label, BBR Music Group, who encouraged her to write music and records. After working with her producer, Zach Crowell they started putting the EP, Slide together.

“It was really through meeting Zach that we were able to get the songs and EP in the right direction,” she said.

Picking a favourite song on the EP is hard for Madeline. “Slide” was the catalyst and the key to figuring the EP out and holds a special place in her heart but “Youngish” is her fiancé’s favourite song, which makes it very special to her as well.

“Girl Where He Grew Up” is a song where the the lyrics and storyline just poured out of herself and cowriter, Nathan Chapman.

“Girl Where He Grew Up” is a break up song from a perspective we don’t see much of in music.

“I have been in the exact position described in the song and new exactly what to say in that and it resonated with so many people,” she said.

Madeline plans on releasing new music in the new year that she described as some of her favourites yet!

Make sure to listen to Slide the EP and the rest of Madeline Merlo’s incredible discography of music!

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