Getting to Know: Brady Kenneth

Brady Kenneth is a local Manitoba country music singer-songwriter and Manitoba Country Music Awards nominee. Brady Kenneth started his music career in a heavy metal band and switched genres to country about eight years ago. He always played acoustic guitar and wrote songs, but didn’t grow up on country music. Once he discovered country soundsContinue reading “Getting to Know: Brady Kenneth”

Getting to Know: Nelson Little

Nelson Little, a local Manitoba country music singer and songwriter released his latest single, “High Road” this spring, which talks about struggles during COVID-19. At eleven years old, Little was gifted his first guitar and took enough lessons to learn a few cords. After experiencing a loss in his family after a tragic car accidentContinue reading “Getting to Know: Nelson Little”

Shawn Austin – New EP Planes Don’t Wait

Shawn Austin is a Canadian country singer- songwriter with over 23 million collective streams to date. He grew up in a very musical household and country music was always the backbone of everything he did. Guitar is what brought Shawn to want to be in music and introduced him to Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, andContinue reading “Shawn Austin – New EP Planes Don’t Wait”

Getting to Know: Jaryn Friesen

Jaryn Friesen is a local country music singer and songwriter. He is a Manitoba Country Music Awards 2021 nominee for roots artist, duo or group of the year. Jaryn got into music because of his dad, who introduced him to a lot of music and artists. He started songwriting because he wanted to write songsContinue reading “Getting to Know: Jaryn Friesen”

Getting to Know: Quinton Blair

Quinton Blair is a four-time Manitoba Country Music Association Award winner and singer-songwriter. He has always been interested in country music and fell in love with the classics at a young age. Garth Brooks is an artist who always stood out to Quinton because his music talks about cowboy related topics in a country way.Continue reading “Getting to Know: Quinton Blair”

Emerging Artist: Daniel Désorcy

Daniel Désorcy caught the music bug being surrounded by music growing up, with his father and grandfather both being singers and guitarists. At 12 years old, he was convinced to sing at his school concert and continues to perform today. Daniel Désorcy was awarded the 2021 Manitoba Country Music Awards Emerging Artist of the Year.Continue reading “Emerging Artist: Daniel Désorcy”

Getting to Know: Banned and Outlawed

Banned and Outlawed, two brothers from Manitoba, Jon and Daniel Hnatishin surround themselves with country music. Growing up, they started playing music at the age of three. Music runs in their family, and they would always play for their family during Christmas. They went from playing music in their grandpa’s basement to popular local venuesContinue reading “Getting to Know: Banned and Outlawed”

Getting to Know: Don Amero

Local country music singer- songwriter, Don Amero has been sharing his musical talents for many years. Don Amero started playing and writing music around 15 years old. When he was in grade nine, he picked up his dad’s old Gibson Hummingbird guitar, which was his first inspiration with music. At the age of 26, heContinue reading “Getting to Know: Don Amero”

Getting to know: Renée Lamoureux

Renée Lamoureux is a local Manitoba award-winning singer-songwriter who has been sharing her music for many years. Her professional music career started when she was 20 years old in a duo, Keith and Renée, before pursuing a solo career. “When I started my solo career, it was almost like I was putting out music toContinue reading “Getting to know: Renée Lamoureux”