Getting to Know: Manny Blu

Manny Blu is a Canadian country music artist from Quebec. He grew up an athlete playing hockey, soccer, football, and MMA. During his first MMA fight he got injured after winning and tore his quad. During his needed time of rest and healing, he fell in love with playing guitar and performing.

After the realization playing guitar and performing hurts a lot less than getting hit in the face with MMA, he made the transition into music.

Manny is a country/punk artist and feels it is less of a genre but more of an attitude and feeling.

“I love the storytelling and songwriting of county music but I am also a big fan of Rock and Roll. I haven’t heard too many people take the storytelling of country music and put it to more up-tempo music,” he said.

A song of his that means a lot to him is “95.” The song came to him during the pandemic when he reconnected with his now fiancé. When he listened to the lyrics of “95” he felt it was so accurate for a song he didn’t write.

Manny Blu “95”

This past spring, Manny was on the Some Things Never Change Tour with JoJo Mason, Shawn Austin, Meghan Patrick, Kelly Prescott, James Barker Band, and Dallas Smith.

“It was really fun to play with all of tour mates and have them all around,” he said.

Before the tour he was able to start playing some shows in Nashville during the pandemic, but the tour brought up the opportunity to perform in arenas.

Meeting Manny Blu on Tour in Calgary, AB.

Manny’s newest single, “Put Your Whiskey Where Your Mouth Is,” which is a fun summer and drinking song.

Listen to “Put Your Whiskey Where Your Mouth Is” below!

Put Your Whiskey Where Your Mouth is by Manny Blu.

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