Getting to Know: Nelson Little

Nelson Little, a local Manitoba country music singer and songwriter released his latest single, “High Road” this spring, which talks about struggles during COVID-19.

At eleven years old, Little was gifted his first guitar and took enough lessons to learn a few cords.

After experiencing a loss in his family after a tragic car accident at 17 years old, he connected to guitar and country music on a deeper level.

He draws songwriting inspiration from listing to classic country artists like Merle Haggard and George Jones, to name a few. As he was learning to write he would get inspiration from how he could take negative experiences and put a positive spin on them by making songs and music.

In May of 2022, Little released his latest single, “High Road.”

“High Road” is about the struggles of COVID-19 and how it affected society, especially children navigating school through a pandemic. This song started as an advice song to his son, who was struggling in school but became a song for everyone.

“Hold my head up, so I don’t fall.”

Lyric in High Road by Nelson

“High Road” has recieved a lot of praise from country music fans and was one of the top five downloaded songs on county radio!

He is currently working on new music and is preparing for a new song coming out in the fall!

Make sure to stream “High Road” on all steaming platforms and stay tuned for any show and music updates from Nelson Little.

Nelson Little’s newest single, High Road

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