Shawn Austin – New EP Planes Don’t Wait

Shawn Austin is a Canadian country singer- songwriter with over 23 million collective streams to date.

He grew up in a very musical household and country music was always the backbone of everything he did. Guitar is what brought Shawn to want to be in music and introduced him to Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, and John Mayer, who ultimately started the musical fire in him.

On June 29, Shawn Austin released his second EP, Planes Don’t Wait, including his collaboration with Chris Lane on “Tailgate to Heaven.”

Working with Chris Lane was a full circle moment for Shawn, who did a couple of shows with him back in 2018. They were planning to record a completely different song but when Chris Lane heard “Tailgate to Heaven” he asked to be on it.

“He is so talented and his voice is incredible. It’s nice to call him a buddy now,” said Austin.

Shawn describes “Tailgate to Heaven” as the perfect song to release after taking time off due to the pandemic and said it has been amazing to see the positive response from their fans.

Shawn explained the meaning of the title track “Planes Don’t Wait” as a sad song in a sense where time goes fast and you miss the opportunities you don’t take advantage of.

To him, “Planes Don’t” Wait has a secondary meaning as we are coming out of what we have all been going through in the past two years and how now is the time to travel and get things going again.

A song that stands out to Shawn as a favourite on the EP is “Somewhere in Austin.” After going through almost 200 songs, “Somewhere in Austin” came around and Shawn loved it from the first listen and did everything he could to record it as fast as possible to sneak it on the EP.

Shawn Austin just wrappped up his nationwide Somethings Never Change Tour with Dallas Smith, Jojo Mason, James Barker Band, Manny Blu, Kelly Prescott, and Meghan Patrick.

“Tour has been so fulfilling.” It was like a six week reunion with the tour family on the road together,” said Austin.

Shawn Austin Performing Paradise Found in Calgary, Alberta

Shawn Austin has a busy schedule ahead for the summer with many shows and festivals. He has already started on the next project, which will be his focus for the next little while.

Make sure to check out Shawn Austin’s new EP, Planes Don’t Wait and stream it on all streaming platforms!

To watch the full Shawn Austin interview, head to my instagram page @countryslocal!

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