Getting to Know: Brady Kenneth

Brady Kenneth is a local Manitoba country music singer-songwriter and Manitoba Country Music Awards nominee.

Brady Kenneth started his music career in a heavy metal band and switched genres to country about eight years ago. He always played acoustic guitar and wrote songs, but didn’t grow up on country music. Once he discovered country sounds like Eric Church, he decided to change his sound to country.

He has a broad spectrum of musical influences that go back to is metal days but for country, Eric Church is definitely a major influence.

His favourite thing about being a country artist is learning about songwriting and the country music industry. Kenneth is very interested in the behind-the-scenes of the industry that not everyone sees.

In July of 2022, he released his newest single, “That One.”

“That One,” is a song that was written out of a publishing company in Nashville. Brady worked with producer, Jeff Dalziel, CCMA 2x Producer of the Year. Together, they went through hundreds of songs and found “That One” and made it his sound.

“The song is current and really well written and I can relate to it,” he said.

It’s a song about a situation where you are starting a relationship and keeping it to yourself for a bit, but when you make it public you always have those people who doubt it.

The top three goals of his are to “make music, create music, and put out music that ultimately has some success. It is very tough to break out in the Industry with many different things that go into it – right song, place, time, season, and I would love to find that and break through more,” he explained.

Brady is looking into some upcoming show opportunities, so keep an eye out for those and make sure to listen to his newest single, “That One!”

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