What Country Music is to Me

Since I was young I have always gravitated towards the vulnerability of country music songwriting. I think vulnerability attracts me to songs because it takes you into an artist’s life and makes music easily relatable. The idea of an artist performing with just an acoustic guitar and their story is really what country music is to me.

Taylor Swift was the first country artist that left a lasting impact on me. Her songwriting is so descriptive and paints clear pictures, where each song feels like its own story. I have grown to appreciate the art of music and songwriting through her.

A local county music song that’s songwriting stands out to me is, You Can’t Always Be 21 by Don Amero. This song is about growing up and appreciating living in the moment. Everyone has those days where they are trying to figure life out, and this song celebrates those moments. This song really stands out to me because it is so relatable. Everyone can or will relate to this feeling at some point in their life, which makes a song so special.

I love a variety of country music and artists, but I find it is so important to support local artists. I can’t wait to be able to go to local concerts and events and feel the sense of community that is so strong. Through this blog, we will appreciate and celebrate local country music, artists, songwriting and events together as the country music community of Manitoba.

Check out my post next weekend about the release of a brand new single!

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