Can You Teach Songwriting?

Storytelling through songwriting is something that has interested me since I was young. This week I listened to the SongTown on Songwriting podcast with co-hosts Clay Mills and Marty Dodson. Mills and Dodson are talented songwriters who have written songs for Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood, Darius Rucker, and George Strait. In this episode, they answerContinue reading “Can You Teach Songwriting?”

Female Representation in Country Music

It is no secret the country music industry is male dominated. This doesn’t mean there is a lack of female artists; there is a lack of female artists represented in the industry. Country radio is known to play a higher percentage of male artists’ songs. Mickey Guyton, a female country music artist shared an exampleContinue reading “Female Representation in Country Music”

What Country Music is to Me

Since I was young I have always gravitated towards the vulnerability of country music songwriting. I think vulnerability attracts me to songs because it takes you into an artist’s life and makes music easily relatable. The idea of an artist performing with just an acoustic guitar and their story is really what country music isContinue reading “What Country Music is to Me”