New Song Alert- Kendra Kay

Kendra Kay- Homegrown Heart is out today.

An unexpected hockey injury became a trip down to Nashville and the start of a country music career.

Kendra Kay fell in love with the country music industry and opened her eyes to the possibilities of what she could do with music. “It was an exciting trip that sparked a passion,” said Kay.

With many Manitoba Country Music Awards to her name and a large discography of hit singles, Kendra has made a very successful career for herself.

Kendra Kay released her brand-new single Homegrown Heart today!

Kendra always gets asked, are you ever going to move to Nashville or Toronto, or the city, because you live in the middle of nowhere? Her new song Homegrown Heart is her answer to those questions.

Kendra grew up on a farm in Elkhorn, Manitoba. This song tells people why she wants to live out there and why Elkhorn, Manitoba is so special. The music video will be out in a few weeks, and was filmed on her farm with her horse, riding around the farm. “I am such a true farm girl at heart. I ride horses every day, I love being in the middle of nowhere, and it truly keeps me sane and grounded.”

The local aspect of her career is very important to her. In 2018 she played the halftime show for Banjo Bowl at the IG Field stadium. “If I never play a stadium show again, or if I play a thousand of them before my career is done, that will always be my favourite because it will always be my first stadium show.”

Photographed by Joey Senft

Her main goal for her music career was to hear herself on the radio, and everything else she has gotten to do is a bonus. “I think back to that 16-year-old girl who just wanted to hear herself on the country radio, and I have that,” said Kay.

Check out Kendra’s new song, Homegrown Heart, today!

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