Local Country Music Awards

Manitoba Country Music Association Recognizes Local Talent

Manitoba has so much talent in the country music industry that deserves to be recognized.

The Manitoba Association of Country Arts was established in 1976 and in 2004 was renamed, The Manitoba Country Music Association (MCMA).

They have hosted the Manitoba Country Music Awards for five years with the goal to highlight Manitoba talent and recognize their work.

Without having the awards show last year, the anticipation for this year’s is high. Manitoba artists and fans cannot wait for the night that celebrates and honours local country music.

It will be a virtual event with live recordings of the artists performances, “it will be different, but will look the same,” said Miles Trach, president of the Manitoba Country Music Awards Board.

Ever wonder how your favourite artists get nominated and win awards? For the Manitoba Country Music Awards, fan and industry members can nominate artists they believe deserve an award. Once all the nominations are received, they pick the top six artists, that are later voted on by industry members. A category entirely voted by fans is the fan’s choice award.

Miles Trach says supporting local country music ” is vitally important for the health of the country music community in Manitoba and for the artists who are trying to make it a goal here in the province.”

The organization’s goal is to help the artists get recognition, support their careers and recognize their achievements.

You can watch this year’s Manitoba Country Music Awards on their Facebook and YouTube on November 6th and support all your favourite local country music artists.

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