Winnipeg’s Own Local Country Band- Petric

A flashback to where it all began

Transcona band Petric grew up surrounded by music with a passion for performing. The band of two brothers Jason and Tom Petric, and long-time friend Jordan Day made a name for themselves in 2014 with the single Here Goes Everything. Since then, they have had great success with their EP 18 Ends and debut album Flashbacks at the beginning of this year.

Petric has played many memorable local shows, but one that stands out to them is Canada Day at the Lyric Theatre in 2017.

“I don’t know if there is anything more magical than a beautiful night on July 1st with 20,000 people in the field singing your songs,” said Jason Petric.

Jordan Day, Tom Petric, Jason Petric, photograph by Lynsey Jordana

The song Single Problem off of Flashbacks is memorable for the band to play live, especially when the chorus hits and the crowd sings along.

They haven’t played a live show in about a year and a half and cannot wait to be able to sing their most recent songs off of Flashbacks for a live crowd.

Although there were no live shows this year, they managed to keep very busy with the release of Flashbacks and a music video for every song off the album.

The song that inspired the name for the album, Déjà Vu, was almost never released. After four years of holding onto the song, the band decided to add it to the album, and now it is one of their favourites. The release of this song opened up many doors for the band. Déjà Vu was their first song to radio in Australia and introduced them to a talented team who helped create the music video.

The pandemic allowed Petric to focus their time and energy on more music videos, market songs in other countries and put out the best possible content for the record.

“The pandemic offered us an opportunity to really reshape our band, hone in our team, and for that, honestly, I am pretty grateful for that opportunity,” said Jason Petric.

Petric has received a record-breaking amount of 12 nominations for the upcoming Manitoba Country Music Awards. You can vote for them in the fan’s choice category and check out their album and music videos from Flashbacks.

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