Griffen Palmer Releases Debut Album, Unlearn!

Griffen Palmer, a talented singer-songwriter from Pickering, Ontario, gained recognition after appearing on NBC’s Songland with his song “Second Guessing.”

This experience was instrumental for Griffen, allowing him to pitch his song to some of the greatest songwriters and Florida Georgia Line, who later recorded the song.

Originally, “Second Guessing” was created as a wedding gift for Griffen’s friends, but it became a hit for both Florida Georgia Line and Griffen Palmer himself. After the success of “Second Guessing,” Griffen released his own version and included it on his debut album, Unlearn, which was recently released on April 28.

Unlearn has ten tracks, including “Second Guessing,” “Unlearn,” and “25 to Life,” which tells the story of Griffen’s early 20s. The album captures new experiences, relationships, and the ups and downs of love, providing little snapshots of his life from the past five years.

Griffen hopes his fans will connect with his music on a personal level, and he describes the title track, “Unlearn,” as the most personal and vulnerable song on the album. For Griffen, a debut album is an opportunity to let people know more about him and his story, and he believes that “Unlearn” is the clearest way for someone to get to know him.

Unlearn Performance Video

Recently, Griffen completed his first US tour with Lily Rose, where he experienced performing in new cities with people singing his lyrics back to him. He looks forward to more opportunities to perform and connect with his fans.

Make sure to stream Unlearn on all streaming platforms and visit to catch a live show!

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