Desiree Dorion Releases Powerful New Single, Love You to Death.

Desiree Dorion is a country music singer/songwriter from Manitoba, whose love for country music was instilled at a young age, as her family always had it always playing on the radio. At the age of five, she was already familiar with the country classics, and began writing music with a diary her mom gave her. 

Her talent for performing was recognized when her aunt signed her up for a talent show held at the Opaskwayak Cree Nation when she was 11 or 12 years old, where she won first place.

Since then, Desiree’s love for performing has only grown, and her latest album, That’s How I Know, released in February 2023, is proof of that. 

Desiree has had songs ready from back in 2020, none that were included in her past album, Break the Chain, which was released during the pandemic.

That’s How I Know includes singles from the past year, including “Sometimes I Drink,” which she compiled into an album that is fun, upbeat, and authentic. She also wanted to include slower ballads that tell honest stories, which is exactly what her new single “Love You to Death” does.

The inspiration for “Love You to Death” came from Desiree’s personal struggles with a loved one who was dealing with addiction. She found a statement made on the show Intervention to be profound – “I love you but I can’t love you to death” – and used it as the title of her new single. 

“For me this song was therapeutic and i didn’t know if it was something that would ever see the light of day,” she said. Desiree understood that the song isn’t a typical mainstream country release and knew it could sit on an album but wasn’t sure if it could stand on its own as a single.

Desiree listened to an interview with Charles Kelley from Lady A about his struggle with alcoholism, and the single he released to tell his story.

“It was that interview that inspired me to release this song not only as an album track but as a single. It’s an important conversation that we can and should be having,” she said.

As summer approaches, Desiree has some exciting shows lined up so make sure to check out her tour dates and new album, That’s How I Know!

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