Taylor-Rae Releases Emotional Single, If This is Love.

Taylor-Rae’s love for country music started at an early age thanks to her dad, who would sing classic hits from Garth Brooks and Shania Twain with her on karaoke.

It was Shania Twain’s energy on stage that really inspired Taylor-Rae to bring that same fire to her own performances.

For her vocal inspiration, Taylor looks up to Martina McBride, using her songs as her vocal bar to improve her own skills. She believes Martina is one of the best of all time in country music, and wants to follow in her footsteps.

Her latest single, “If This is Love” came out in February of this year and is a true country music storytelling song.

She had many ideas going into the writing session for “If This is Love” and she was going to her friends house to write. Little did she know that her friend’s house was conveniently located around the corner from her ex-boyfriend’s place, which spark a conversation on relationships that don’t work out because the people aren’t right for each other.

When writing songs she tries to be as honest a she can and “If This Is Love” is a song she was always going to write and the right place and right time made it come together the way it did.

“Its the most excited I have been about a song in awhile,” she said.

“I love writing the songs that pull you in through the emotional side of things. One thing i’m learning is everyone has the same feelings and experiences we just don’t always talk about it,” said Taylor-Rae.

A goal for Taylor-Rae is to grow more traction with her music and play the Grand Ole Opry, which she is hoping to put into action with a recent move to Nashville. She’s got new music on the horizon, set to release on an album in early 2024, and is excited to continue playing live shows.

So be sure to check out “If This is Love” on your favourite streaming platforms and stay tuned for more releases from Taylor-Rae!

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