Brittany Kennell Releases Female Empowerment Hit “House and a Dog!”

Brittany Kennell’s love for music started young. At the age of seven, she discovered the piano and began writing her own songs. From there, she performed at local community shows and any opportunity she could land to perform. Though she always had a passion for music, it wasn’t until she turned 16 that she decided to pursue it as a career.

In 2016, Brittany auditioned for The Voice and competed on Team Blake. For her, it was a chance of a lifetime, and she went in with the goal of giving it her best and enjoying the experience. The lessons she learned during that time have stayed with her ever since.

Recently, Brittany released her latest single, “House and A Dog,” which she co-wrote with her friend Nathan Meckel during the pandemic over Zoom. The inspiration of the song came from questions she would be asked about when she was planning to have kids and settle down.

“House and A Dog” celebrates the joys of being independent and single, a message that Brittany hopes will empower other women to embrace their independence and feel comfortable being on their own.

“I wanted to share the message with women that to be able to live on your own is so cool and badass and allows you to get to know yourself better,” she said.

Listeners have responded positively to the song’s relatable lyrics, and the music video’s colourful and playful visuals capture the song’s fun and carefree message perfectly. 

“For me this song is all about fun and acceptance with where you are in life and I felt like having bright, fun colours was a way to represent that message,” she said.

Brittany is currently wearing many different hats in her music career. She is working on finishing an album, planning to release singles that are ready to go, and getting ready for festival season approaching!

Watch the lyric video for “House and a Dog” and stream the song on all platforms!

One thought on “Brittany Kennell Releases Female Empowerment Hit “House and a Dog!”

  1. Lovely song. I think in 2016 I was still watching “The Voice” but don’t recall Brittany Kennell. – well, it’s been a while! Based on this country-flavored tune, I’m not surprised Brittany ended up with Blake Shelton. She sounds talented!


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