Devin Cooper Releases New Single, The Other Guy

Growing up in a small town, Devin was surrounded by aspects of country music. He started writing music at 14, gravitating towards storytelling songs that resonate with listeners. It took a few years for him to realize that his upbringing had shaped him into a country songwriter.

At 18, Devin dove into country music, developing a deep love for the craft of songwriting.

In 2022, he released his debut album, “Good Things,” aiming to take listeners on a journey through his life experiences.

As his first album he wanted it to take the listener on a journey and story of everything that he had experienced in life up to that point.

The album’s theme revolves around the idea that everything in life takes time, regardless of the path you choose. “You go through the party stage, bad breakups stages, and then it all settles out and you realize all those things take time to figure out,” he said.

As a fan of watching artists play stripped down, acoustic versions of songs, Devin wanted to give listeners insight to what the songs on the album sounded like the day they wrote them and released acoustic versions on Good Things.

“In country music you can take the production, band, and everything away and if you strip it down to a vocal and acoustic guitar and it can stand alone on its own is what makes country music what it is,” he said.

Devin recently released his latest single, “The Other Guy,” which explores the theme of following one’s heart, regardless of consequences.

The music video for the single is out now! Devin enjoyed putting the story to life through the video and seeing all the behind the scenes of the creation of the video.

Devin’s talent has not gone unnoticed, as he was nominated for seven Country Music Alberta Awards. He was honored to win the 2023 Horizon Male Artist of the Year award and acknowledges his team’s contribution to his success.

Don’t miss out on Devin Cooper’s music, including his new single, “The Other Guy!”

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