Getting to Know: Don Amero

Local country music singer- songwriter, Don Amero has been sharing his musical talents for many years.

Don Amero started playing and writing music around 15 years old. When he was in grade nine, he picked up his dad’s old Gibson Hummingbird guitar, which was his first inspiration with music. At the age of 26, he auditioned for Canadian Idol and received a golden ticket but was eliminated at the top 22 mark. He came out of that experience realizing that Canadian Idol didn’t hold his destiny in their hands and decided, “if I am going to do this, I am going to do it on my own.”

In 2007 he released his debut album, Change Your Life.

Amero knew music was what he was supposed to do when he realized he had the ability to reach people and give people hope.

“Music is medicine, and being able to offer that to people is big for me. Just realizing it was the thing that made me feel free and most myself,” said Amero.

Since releasing Change Your Life in 2007, Don Amero has released an additional seven albums, including the most recent, Nothing is Meaningless.

Don Amero plans to release a new single off the Nothing is Meaningless album, Let you with country music artist, Raquel Cole. Fans can also look forward to a music video with the single.

About ten years ago, Don Amero started a Christmas show called Amero Little Christmas. These little holiday shows started in a cafe, but he always dreamed about it growing to larger venues. Three years ago, Amero Little Christmas moved to the Burton Cummings Theatre.

“It has been such an amazing journey, being able to see it grow to 1000 people in a theatre,” he said.

Don Amero is already planning the 2022 Christmas show.

” I really want this to set the tone for the holidays and help people settle into the holiday season,” he said.

Don Amero’s talents do not stop with music. He wrote a children’s book that should be available Christmas time of 2022.

He also has a podcast, which should be launching in the fall of 2022 called Through the Fire. This podcast is about people who have been through hard times and have gotten through the fires of life and have risen above.

“I want to get behind the stories of successful people who have been through things and hopefully use it as a way to inspire other people by hearing from prominent people in the community who we all look up to.”

“We don’t always see the climb that it took for someone to get there. I want to find out about the blood, sweat, and tears,” he said.

Although Don Amero is working on many projects, he is always working on music. He explained there is always something on the go in the music world.

Stay updated with the Country’s Local Instagram to learn how you can enter to win some Don Amero merchandise soon!

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