Petric’s First Collaboration Flirtin’ is Here

Petric and Hayley Jensen are delivering the perfect song to get you in the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

Local Manitoba band Petric, are teaming up with Australian country singer Hayley Jensen for their first-ever collaboration, Flirtin’.

Flirtin’ is a song that is different from anything Petric has done before. The song has more of a bluesy, jazz feel to it.

Flirtin’ is simply about having fun and flirting. It’s about that awkward first date when you can’t tell if it’s going well, but in this case, it does.

When you hear Flirtin’, listen closely for the amazing harmonies and voices that mesh so well together. Petric and Hayley Jensen are the perfect collaborators for this song.

Petric had this song for about two years and were waiting for the right time to release it. They were working on it around the same time as their most recent album, Flashbacks, but all agreed they didn’t want this song to get lost on an album, and waited to release it this year.

Petric originally recorded the song with just Tom’s vocals and it sounded like it was missing one thing- a female’s voice. They heard Hayley’s voice and thought she would be a perfect addition to the song.

Petric is excited to see their fans’ reactions of their first collaboration.

“I am really curious to see how people like the sound of the song because it is definitely different from what we have done before,” said Tom Petric.

Petric explained that we can expect a music video for Flirtin’ in the future.

“We have fallen in love with making music videos. It is an outlet to show how we’re feeling about a song, sometimes you hear lyrics one way, and then you watch a video and it makes you feel a different way,” said Jordan Day.

Flirtin’ is not the end of new music from Petric. They have more music they want to get out; whether it be in the form of an album or individual singles, fans can definitely expect more.

Make sure to pre-save Flirtin’, request it to your local country music radio station, and download it on February 14th!

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