Getting to Know: Jaryn Friesen

Jaryn Friesen is a local country music singer and songwriter. He is a Manitoba Country Music Awards 2021 nominee for roots artist, duo or group of the year.

Jaryn got into music because of his dad, who introduced him to a lot of music and artists.

He started songwriting because he wanted to write songs that make people feel something, whether it be good or bad. He was drawn to the emotional side of songwriting and how words can make you feel.

His favourite things about being a musician are the fun times on stage, making friends, and performing with people who share the same goal.

Jaryn released a new single, “Outlaw In My Blood,” on Friday, April 1. The song was written by Quinton Blair and Doug Folkins. “Outlaw In My Blood” spoke to him and he wanted to give it a shot. The song is about growing up in a small town causing trouble but finding your way in the world.

“We all go through those various stages of life before we find ourselves,” he said. “The song is a love story to your past.”

“Outlaw In My Blood” features many talented local musicians. It includes John Plett, Michael Audette, Raymond Klassen, and Ben Mak.

On Saturday, April 2, Jaryn & The Highballs played a live show for the first time since the pandemic at The Handsome Daughter.

“It has been a lot of fun getting ready for it and more shows are coming up this month so we are ready to play the first one,” he said before the show.

At a Jaryn & The Highballs show, you can expect a lot of energy, fun, and a good time.

Jaryn & The Highballs performing at The Handsome Daughter

The next steps for Jaryn & The Highballs are to play shows, continue to write, and record more music.

“We want to get out on the road and play for as many people as possible.”

Stay tuned to Country’s Local to get updates on new music and shows from Jaryn Friesen and listen to Outlaw In My Blood.

Outlaw In My Blood from Jaryn Friesen’s YouTube Channel

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