Getting to know: Renée Lamoureux

Renée Lamoureux is a local Manitoba award-winning singer-songwriter who has been sharing her music for many years. Her professional music career started when she was 20 years old in a duo, Keith and Renée, before pursuing a solo career.

“When I started my solo career, it was almost like I was putting out music to a whole new world,” said Lamoureux.

The music industry is constantly changing. Renée explained when her solo career began, streaming and online platforms were very helpful when finding a new outlet to release her music.

Renée spent a lot more time writing on many different topics during COVID-19, including her most recent single, Goodbye.

“The song is about grief and loss. On a personal level, I lost a couple of people in my life, and not being able to have a proper funeral or come together with the ones you love is what this song is about,” said Lamoureux.

The most recent live performance Renée had locally was at the Don Amero Christmas show, Amero Little Christmas.

“I always come home after a show buzzing because it always feeds my soul and is a reminder that music is what I am meant to do.”

Renée is getting ready to release her new album, Human Kind. She has been working on this album throughout COVID-19. Three singles are already out now, including Goodbye.

This album has ten songs and a more upbeat sound than previous ones. Renée described experimenting with new sounds with this album giving it more of a pop feel, different from her previous country-pop sound.

“I found myself at a crossroads and I’ve been doing a lot of different things in life, and the album is kind of like that, exploring this new chapter.”

Human Kind is Renée’s tenth album throughout her music career.

“I feel like I have surpassed a lot of goals. Life has given me lot’s of pleasant surprises.”

A goal Renée has for the near future is to get back on tour and play some festivals, which as a fan, I cannot wait to see.

Don’t forget to listen to Goodbye and the rest of Renée’s amazing discography as we wait for the release of Human Kind!

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