Behind the Scenes of a Local Country Music Radio Station

I asked some questions to the Now Country 104.7 FM Morning Show host and recent MCMA Awards host, Stefan Richard.

Here is a Q&A with Stefan Richard:

  1. How do you choose what songs you play?

“There is a music director at most stations, especially ones that play new music, who is in charge of what gets played and how often songs need to rotate. So I don’t personally have a say as to what plays on my show but our music director (MJ) is very receptive to any kind of suggestions or questions that I have.”

2. How do you get ideas for your segments?

” I usually try to stay topical as to what is happening that news day or towards things that I am interested in or know a little bit about so I kind at least sound somewhat entertaining or know what I’m talking about. But it usually comes down to what people are talking about that day.”

3. What is your favourite thing about being a radio host?

“The creativity is my favorite aspect. I enjoy being able to tell a story to listeners that I find funny or interesting. It allows me to express myself in ways that I wouldn’t be able to in a regular conversation. I’d sound like a maniac if I started making observational jokes out of nowhere.”

4. How do you find new music to play? Do artists send their music to you?

“Yeah, usually a newer artist will reach out to our Music Director and send a song. But artists on a bigger label somewhere go through a different system of doing things and I have no idea how that works! So I trust in the people in charge of that to handle it.”

5. You did a great job hosting the MCMA Awards on the weekend, how was that experience and interacting with all the artists?!

“Thank you! That was a lot of fun. I got to spend the day with my co-host Don Amero and talk about ideas on how the show would go down. Don is one of the nicest people I’ve met in music so it was a lot of fun. The performances were filmed on a closed set because of the pandemic so it was just the hosts, artists who had just finished performing & ones who had yet to perform. So it was all this great music being performed in a great venue with a very small crew of people to enjoy it. Everyone was incredible to work with. I hope I am able to do it again next year!”

I hope you enjoyed this Q&A I did with Stefan and learned a little bit about what its like to work behind the scenes at a local country music radio station. You can listen to Stefan Richard on the 104.7 Morning Show from 6:00am- 10:00am.

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