Emma Peterson- Manitoba Emerging Artist

Local Manitoba country music artist Emma Peterson started playing music at 11 years old. She fell in love with songwriting and the aspect of storytelling through music.

Emma released two new singles earlier this year, “Hurt Like Hell” and “One More Night,” which are both very successful on Canadian country radio stations.

At the end of September, she played her first live show since the pandemic. Emma played a drive-in concert in Brandon, Manitoba. “It felt so good to play music again. As soon as I got up there with my band, everything fell into place.”

The most memorable moment of her career so far was singing at the Manitoba Country Music Awards for the first time. Her whole family was able to come see her perform. “When they are able to see me do what I love, it fills my heart.” You can watch her perform at this year’s MCMA on November 6. This year, Emma is up for two awards, Female Artist of the Year and Song of the Year for “Hurt Like Hell.”

The country music industry has a history of lacking female representation. As a female in the country music industry, Emma sees that the industry is definitely male dominant. “It’s no secret. People see it on the radio or at shows when a lineup is all males.”

She sees a big change happening where award shows are putting in more effort to include female artists, but there is still more work to be done. Emma has gotten a lot of support from radio, but she knows it isn’t the same case for everyone. She is grateful for the local female artists who took her under their wing at the start of
her career.

Emma’s goal is to do music full-time and record an album in the next few years.

I am looking forward to hearing new music from Emma Peterson soon and watching her performance at the Manitoba Country Music Awards!


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