Petric’s First Collaboration Flirtin’ is Here

Petric and Hayley Jensen are delivering the perfect song to get you in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Local Manitoba band Petric, are teaming up with Australian country singer Hayley Jensen for their first-ever collaboration, Flirtin’. Flirtin’ is a song that is different from anything Petric has done before. The song has more of aContinue reading “Petric’s First Collaboration Flirtin’ is Here”

Kendra Kay’s New Single- Wild

Kendra Kay’s new song Wild is out today! Wild is a song about loving someone in a wild way, where the love is uncontainable. It relates to the nature of the land with wild horses, which ties Kendra’s country elements into a love song. “This song has a mid-tempo feel with some traditional country elementsContinue reading “Kendra Kay’s New Single- Wild”

The Longest Country Song is Here

Country’s Local is taking a break from specific Manitoba country music this week to look at a song that every country music fan should listen to. The long anticipated 10-minute version of Taylor Swift’s hit All Too Well is here. All Too Well (Taylor’s version) is the longest country song that currently exists. Taylor SwiftContinue reading “The Longest Country Song is Here”