Five Roses Releases New EP: Jukebox Vibrations

The Canadian country music duo Five Roses, consisting of Jade Godin and Zack Ouimet are celebrating the release of their EP, Jukebox Vibrations.

Godwin and Ouimet both grew up surrounded by music. Growing up, each of their families would constantly play music around the house, which made Godwin and Ouimet fall in love with music at a young age. After meeting at the barbershop Godin worked at, Five Roses was formed.

Their newest EP, Jukebox Vibrations was released August 26, 2022 and consists of nine songs, including a French version of the songs “Feel Good” and “To The Moon And Back.”

“We are so excited to put out the EP because we have been working on it for two years,” said Godin.

Now, more than ever it is important to give people content and more music,” said Ouimet.

The EP title, Jukebox Vibrations is a lyric in their song “Feel Good.” They liked the way it sounded and chose it as the title of the EP.

Although it is difficult to choose, their latest single “To the Moon and Back” is Ouimet’s favourite track off Jukebox Vibrations. When he first heard the demo recorded by Shay Mooney from Dan and Shay he knew they had to record it.

To The Moon and Back

For Godin, “Feel Good” is at the top of her list. “It always puts me in a good mood. It just makes me feel so good and I hope it makes people feel the same way.”

Feel Good

The duo describes singing the new songs to a crowd for the first time as a fun but scary experience.

“It is interesting to see people’s first reactions – if they are smiling, clapping along, or if they into the song,” said Ouimet.

Their goal is to share their music and perform for as many people as they can.

The duo is constantly working on new music and are prepping for an upcoming tour in the new year.

Make sure to stream Jukebox Vibrations on all platforms and head to their website to look at tour dates and tickets.

Getting to Know: Brady Kenneth

Brady Kenneth is a local Manitoba country music singer-songwriter and Manitoba Country Music Awards nominee.

Brady Kenneth started his music career in a heavy metal band and switched genres to country about eight years ago. He always played acoustic guitar and wrote songs, but didn’t grow up on country music. Once he discovered country sounds like Eric Church, he decided to change his sound to country.

He has a broad spectrum of musical influences that go back to is metal days but for country, Eric Church is definitely a major influence.

His favourite thing about being a country artist is learning about songwriting and the country music industry. Kenneth is very interested in the behind-the-scenes of the industry that not everyone sees.

In July of 2022, he released his newest single, “That One.”

“That One,” is a song that was written out of a publishing company in Nashville. Brady worked with producer, Jeff Dalziel, CCMA 2x Producer of the Year. Together, they went through hundreds of songs and found “That One” and made it his sound.

“The song is current and really well written and I can relate to it,” he said.

It’s a song about a situation where you are starting a relationship and keeping it to yourself for a bit, but when you make it public you always have those people who doubt it.

The top three goals of his are to “make music, create music, and put out music that ultimately has some success. It is very tough to break out in the Industry with many different things that go into it – right song, place, time, season, and I would love to find that and break through more,” he explained.

Brady is looking into some upcoming show opportunities, so keep an eye out for those and make sure to listen to his newest single, “That One!”

Getting to Know: Manny Blu

Manny Blu is a Canadian country music artist from Quebec. He grew up an athlete playing hockey, soccer, football, and MMA. During his first MMA fight he got injured after winning and tore his quad. During his needed time of rest and healing, he fell in love with playing guitar and performing.

After the realization playing guitar and performing hurts a lot less than getting hit in the face with MMA, he made the transition into music.

Manny is a country/punk artist and feels it is less of a genre but more of an attitude and feeling.

“I love the storytelling and songwriting of county music but I am also a big fan of Rock and Roll. I haven’t heard too many people take the storytelling of country music and put it to more up-tempo music,” he said.

A song of his that means a lot to him is “95.” The song came to him during the pandemic when he reconnected with his now fiancé. When he listened to the lyrics of “95” he felt it was so accurate for a song he didn’t write.

Manny Blu “95”

This past spring, Manny was on the Some Things Never Change Tour with JoJo Mason, Shawn Austin, Meghan Patrick, Kelly Prescott, James Barker Band, and Dallas Smith.

“It was really fun to play with all of tour mates and have them all around,” he said.

Before the tour he was able to start playing some shows in Nashville during the pandemic, but the tour brought up the opportunity to perform in arenas.

Meeting Manny Blu on Tour in Calgary, AB.

Manny’s newest single, “Put Your Whiskey Where Your Mouth Is,” which is a fun summer and drinking song.

Listen to “Put Your Whiskey Where Your Mouth Is” below!

Put Your Whiskey Where Your Mouth is by Manny Blu.

Getting to Know: Nelson Little

Nelson Little, a local Manitoba country music singer and songwriter released his latest single, “High Road” this spring, which talks about struggles during COVID-19.

At eleven years old, Little was gifted his first guitar and took enough lessons to learn a few cords.

After experiencing a loss in his family after a tragic car accident at 17 years old, he connected to guitar and country music on a deeper level.

He draws songwriting inspiration from listing to classic country artists like Merle Haggard and George Jones, to name a few. As he was learning to write he would get inspiration from how he could take negative experiences and put a positive spin on them by making songs and music.

In May of 2022, Little released his latest single, “High Road.”

“High Road” is about the struggles of COVID-19 and how it affected society, especially children navigating school through a pandemic. This song started as an advice song to his son, who was struggling in school but became a song for everyone.

“Hold my head up, so I don’t fall.”

Lyric in High Road by Nelson

“High Road” has recieved a lot of praise from country music fans and was one of the top five downloaded songs on county radio!

He is currently working on new music and is preparing for a new song coming out in the fall!

Make sure to stream “High Road” on all steaming platforms and stay tuned for any show and music updates from Nelson Little.

Nelson Little’s newest single, High Road

Shawn Austin – New EP Planes Don’t Wait

Shawn Austin is a Canadian country singer- songwriter with over 23 million collective streams to date.

He grew up in a very musical household and country music was always the backbone of everything he did. Guitar is what brought Shawn to want to be in music and introduced him to Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, and John Mayer, who ultimately started the musical fire in him.

On June 29, Shawn Austin released his second EP, Planes Don’t Wait, including his collaboration with Chris Lane on “Tailgate to Heaven.”

Working with Chris Lane was a full circle moment for Shawn, who did a couple of shows with him back in 2018. They were planning to record a completely different song but when Chris Lane heard “Tailgate to Heaven” he asked to be on it.

“He is so talented and his voice is incredible. It’s nice to call him a buddy now,” said Austin.

Shawn describes “Tailgate to Heaven” as the perfect song to release after taking time off due to the pandemic and said it has been amazing to see the positive response from their fans.

Shawn explained the meaning of the title track “Planes Don’t Wait” as a sad song in a sense where time goes fast and you miss the opportunities you don’t take advantage of.

To him, “Planes Don’t” Wait has a secondary meaning as we are coming out of what we have all been going through in the past two years and how now is the time to travel and get things going again.

A song that stands out to Shawn as a favourite on the EP is “Somewhere in Austin.” After going through almost 200 songs, “Somewhere in Austin” came around and Shawn loved it from the first listen and did everything he could to record it as fast as possible to sneak it on the EP.

Shawn Austin just wrappped up his nationwide Somethings Never Change Tour with Dallas Smith, Jojo Mason, James Barker Band, Manny Blu, Kelly Prescott, and Meghan Patrick.

“Tour has been so fulfilling.” It was like a six week reunion with the tour family on the road together,” said Austin.

Shawn Austin Performing Paradise Found in Calgary, Alberta

Shawn Austin has a busy schedule ahead for the summer with many shows and festivals. He has already started on the next project, which will be his focus for the next little while.

Make sure to check out Shawn Austin’s new EP, Planes Don’t Wait and stream it on all streaming platforms!

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Emma Peterson Releases Debut Album- Just For The Record

On Friday, May 20th, Emma Peterson released her debut album titled Just for the Record.

In its first day, Just for the Record reached number 4 on the iTunes country music charts!

“I am excited and can’t believe that I’m releasing an album out to the world. I’ve always wanted to do this and release a collection of songs and to be able to be at a point in my life where I can do that, I feel really thankful,” said Peterson.

When the pandemic first started in 2020, Emma took that time to figure out what her sound was going to be as an artist and what kind of music she wanted to put out into the world.  

Recording the album during that time was a challenge but it’s also made it easier to connect and collaborate virtually and in person with other people and push her boundaries.

Although it is difficult to choose, Emma’s favourite song off the album that she wrote is Backroad Dreams.

“It’s more of a slower ballad song but I just really love not only the lyrics but I love the melody in that song,” she said.

The phrase “just for the record” stood out to her as the title track for the album.

“One thing I love about music is how you take such typical phrases and change it and make it into something different,” she said.

“When you actually think of the meaning of the words ‘just for the record,’ it’s when someone is going to say their honest opinion or how they feel. That is something I try to do with my writing. I want to be honest and truthful with my writing and with other people so it felt right as the album title.”

Starting May 26, Emma starts her Just for the Record album release tour in Winnipeg and is making stops in Brandon and Dauphin, MB.

“I am most excited to see people in person. During the pandemic I did a few virtual concerts but I am so excited to perform for people in person and make those connections,” said Peterson.

The next steps for Emma after the album release and tour is to film a music video for the title track and continue working on new music.

“All I can ever hope is for my music to connect with people and that I can continue doing what I love to do,” she said.

Make sure to check out Emma’s album, Just for the Record on all streaming platforms and get tickets to see her on tour!

Getting to Know: Jaryn Friesen

Jaryn Friesen is a local country music singer and songwriter. He is a Manitoba Country Music Awards 2021 nominee for roots artist, duo or group of the year.

Jaryn got into music because of his dad, who introduced him to a lot of music and artists.

He started songwriting because he wanted to write songs that make people feel something, whether it be good or bad. He was drawn to the emotional side of songwriting and how words can make you feel.

His favourite things about being a musician are the fun times on stage, making friends, and performing with people who share the same goal.

Jaryn released a new single, “Outlaw In My Blood,” on Friday, April 1. The song was written by Quinton Blair and Doug Folkins. “Outlaw In My Blood” spoke to him and he wanted to give it a shot. The song is about growing up in a small town causing trouble but finding your way in the world.

“We all go through those various stages of life before we find ourselves,” he said. “The song is a love story to your past.”

“Outlaw In My Blood” features many talented local musicians. It includes John Plett, Michael Audette, Raymond Klassen, and Ben Mak.

On Saturday, April 2, Jaryn & The Highballs played a live show for the first time since the pandemic at The Handsome Daughter.

“It has been a lot of fun getting ready for it and more shows are coming up this month so we are ready to play the first one,” he said before the show.

At a Jaryn & The Highballs show, you can expect a lot of energy, fun, and a good time.

Jaryn & The Highballs performing at The Handsome Daughter

The next steps for Jaryn & The Highballs are to play shows, continue to write, and record more music.

“We want to get out on the road and play for as many people as possible.”

Stay tuned to Country’s Local to get updates on new music and shows from Jaryn Friesen and listen to Outlaw In My Blood.

Outlaw In My Blood from Jaryn Friesen’s YouTube Channel

Upcoming Events- Part 3

Live music is back in Manitoba! Events are starting to pile up, so here is a list of all upcoming country music events in Manitoba.

Emma Peterson is perfroming tonight, Friday, March 18 at the Trans Canada Brewery. The first set starts at 7:00pm.

Two Crows For Comfort are perfroming at X-Cues Cafe & Lounge on March 30 as a part of the Winterruption Winnipeg Festival.

On Saturday, April 2 Jaryn Friesen and Banned and Outlawed have a show at The Handsome Daughter. Doors open at 8 and the show starts at 9. Tickets are $15 and are available at showpass.

Home Free is coming to the Burton Cummings Theatre on April 26 at 7:00pm. Tickets are available on Ticketmaster and range from $46.50-$134.25.

Chris Stapleton is coming to Canada Life Centre Saturday, May 7 at 7:30pm with opener, Elle King. Ticket prices range from $82-366 and are available on Ticketmaster.

Dallas Smith is coming to the Canada Life Centre with many special guests including the James Barker Band, Jojo Mason, Meghan Patrick, and more. Tickets start at $62.75 on Ticketmaster.

Dauphin Countryfest is back July 1-3 this summer. The lineup includes, Paul Brandt, Johnny Reid, Dallas Smith, Dean Brody, and Manitoba’s own, Don Amero. You can purchase your tickets at

Tanya Tucker is perfroming at the Club Regeant Event Centre on July 17. Tickets range from $50-$63 on Ticketmaster.

Toby Keith is performing at the Canada Life Centre this summer on July 22 at 7:00pm. Tickets cost about $61.50 on Ticketmaster.

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Getting to Know: Quinton Blair

Quinton Blair is a four-time Manitoba Country Music Association Award winner and singer-songwriter. He has always been interested in country music and fell in love with the classics at a young age. Garth Brooks is an artist who always stood out to Quinton because his music talks about cowboy related topics in a country way. Quinton is drawn to the western side of the country music spectrum.

Quinton Blair started a company over the last year where they take people trail riding or hiking along the banks of the Assiniboine River. They will end up having a campfire and Quinton will pull out his guitar and perform what he calls “Back Country Concerts.” These started during COVID-19 because of the restrictions on live events.

Songwriting is a significant part of his music career. He describes songwriting as painting a picture and putting all the pieces together.

“When co-writing, you lose a little part of yourself but gain a little part of them, he said.

Co-writing allows you to get little pictures and snapshots of different stories.

Quinton Blair released his rendition of the song “Man of Constant Sorrow.” He put out this song about a year ago on Spotify but there were no places to play live music during COVID-19, so he decided it wasn’t the right time to put it out. Now that live shows are starting up again, it is the perfect time to release new music.

Quinton got to put his own spin on this song and worked on the arrangement to include fiddle and guitar solos. He recorded the song with Dwave Thompson, who lives in Tennessee. They ended up recording the entire song back and forth virtually through Dropbox because of COVID-19.

He wanted to make sure in his ears as a musician that the fiddle he hears playing in country music and Tennessee is different than the fiddle he hears his friends play in Manitoba. He wanted to feature the fiddle playing of his long-time friend, Brenton Thorvaldson, who is a member of Tim & The Glory Boys. Quinton wanted to make sure his stamp was on the song because his playing speaks to him.

After this release of “Man of Constant Sorrow,” another single is coming in May, written with singer-songwriter Jason Blaine.

There are many upcoming shows to look forward to from Quinton Blair. Their summer tour is kicking off at the Bullarama event in MacGregor, Manitoba, Carmen Country Fair, and many more throughout the summer.

A highlight for Quinton as a performer is anytime he gets to play big theatres. His favourite shows to play are soft theatre shows (where people come to sit and listen) because “they allow me to be me and talk to people while being transparent and personal,” he said.

Another highlight is when his daughter steps on stage to sing with him.

“It is a great feeling as a dad to be able to share this with her.”

Listen to “Man of Constant Sorrow” and follow Quinton Blair on his social media platforms, so you stay updated on new music and shows.

Social Links: Instagram Facebook Spotify

New Single From Jason Kirkness-Anywhere the Night Goes

Manitoba country artist Jason Kirkness’ new single “Anywhere the Night Goes” is out now!

Jason started playing music from a young age, starting with piano and then guitar. In the early years of his career, he would play music anywhere he could because he wanted to write songs and improve his skills playing with a group. His first record, Life on the Road is a collection of these stories. 

Jason was pitched his newest single, “Anywhere the Night Goes,” about two years ago and immediately loved it. 

Jason explained that this new single is just the start of new music in 2022 and 2023.

 “I release music as often as I can because it’s my first love,” said Kirkness.

“Anywhere the Night Goes” is about trusting that the journey is better than the destination when you’re with the right person or people.

Jason is excited about releasing new music when his longtime fans can get behind the song and put it on repeat.

Fans can get excited for the release of an “Anywhere the Night Goes” music video coming out soon.

“We got halfway through shooting the video just before winter, and it’s got some really great dancing from some fellow Manitobans,” said Kirkness.

Jason is constantly working on the other nine songs that will make up his next album. 

Make sure to check out all of Jason’s previous music and “Anywhere the Night Goes!”

Anywhere the Night Goes from Jason Kirkness’ YouTube channel