JR Charron Releases Heartfelt Ballad for his Son, “Who You’re Gonna Be”

Local Manitoba country music artist JR Charron has started off the new year releasing his highly-anticipated new single, “Who You’re Gonna Be.”

JR’s talent and dedication to his music were recognized when he won the Manitoba Country Music Award for Fan’s Choice in 2022.

“That was the most incredible honour and I was not expecting it. I don’t think I have the most fans but I do have the most loyal fans,” he said.

His new single, “Who You’re Gonna Be” is a heartfelt ballad inspired by JR’s personal experience of anticipating the arrival of his son. He wanted to create a song that would resonate with anyone who has ever experienced the excitement and uncertainty of parenthood.

Who You’re Gonna Be by JR Charron

JR carefully chose the image for “Who You’re Gonna Be” to reflect the meaning of the song. The cover features a photo of his son, while keeping the mysterious theme of the unknown possibilities of who he will grow up to be.

“Cover art is an emotional attachment of a song,” he said.

JR has been hard at work in the studio, recording new music that he hopes to share with live audiences on a small tour this year.

“After a few quiet years, we are back and will hopefully put out tons and tons of music we can play for live audiences,” he said.

Make sure to stream “Who You’re Gonna Be” and follow JR on all platforms to stay up-to-date on his upcoming shows and new releases!

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