Jess Moskaluke headlines her first tour: Mapdot Tour!

Jess Moskaluke is on her first headlining tour for the Mapdot Tour hitting many stops throughout Canada.

Her newest single “Knock Off” was written by herself, and producer, Corey Crowder who has done most of her discography to date. She also brought in her friend, Jade Eagleson to help write this song because she wanted to try a different sound and Eagleson is great at the 90’s Honky Tonk sound.

“It was such a fun day and was the first time the three of us wrote together but definitely won’t be the last,” said Moskaluke.

As a songwriter, Jess believes songwriting is a skill and is something she worked really hard at. When she writes she usually will come up with titles, or concepts ahead of time and will jot down ideas in her phone and take them to Nashville with her to write.

“Everybody’s songwriting process is different but that is mine and how my brain works,” she said.

The music video for “Knock Off” started with choosing the director, Travis Nezbit, who does goofy and beautiful, rock visuals very well. The goal was to do something more unique for the video and not follow the exact lyrics. In doing so, they came up with the concept of the look alike contest.

As her first headlining tour, Jess is excited to be on the road for the Mapdot Tour with Tyler Joe Miller, David James, and Kip Moore.

“It is super exciting, and has been a long time coming and I am glad it is finally here.”

The tour is all encompassing for Jess. She is putting all of her time into it with planning the lighting, writing, recording the music, and promoting the shows.

“Everything I have is going into this tour,” she said.

Make sure to check the tour dates and catch the last few stops on the tour!

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