New Single From Jason Kirkness-Anywhere the Night Goes

Manitoba country artist Jason Kirkness’ new single “Anywhere the Night Goes” is out now!

Jason started playing music from a young age, starting with piano and then guitar. In the early years of his career, he would play music anywhere he could because he wanted to write songs and improve his skills playing with a group. His first record, Life on the Road is a collection of these stories. 

Jason was pitched his newest single, “Anywhere the Night Goes,” about two years ago and immediately loved it. 

Jason explained that this new single is just the start of new music in 2022 and 2023.

 “I release music as often as I can because it’s my first love,” said Kirkness.

“Anywhere the Night Goes” is about trusting that the journey is better than the destination when you’re with the right person or people.

Jason is excited about releasing new music when his longtime fans can get behind the song and put it on repeat.

Fans can get excited for the release of an “Anywhere the Night Goes” music video coming out soon.

“We got halfway through shooting the video just before winter, and it’s got some really great dancing from some fellow Manitobans,” said Kirkness.

Jason is constantly working on the other nine songs that will make up his next album. 

Make sure to check out all of Jason’s previous music and “Anywhere the Night Goes!”

Anywhere the Night Goes from Jason Kirkness’ YouTube channel

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