Manitoba Country Music Awards are Here

Tonight the Manitoba Country Music Awards streams virtually on the MCMA’s YouTube and Facebook page. Don’t worry if you missed it. You can still watch the stream online. If you haven’t watched it yet, go watch and come back to the blog!
*There are major spoilers.*

In today’s post, we will review category winners and performances of local Manitoba Country artists.

The pre-show played music videos of local artists such as Petric, Jerry Sereda and Desiree Dorion.

Main Category Winners:

Best Music Video 2021- Petric All Who Wander
Single of the Year- Petric Kids
Album of the Year- Petric Flashbacks
Indigenous Country Music Award- Desiree Dorion
Best Group/ Duo- Petric
Female Artist- Desiree Dorion
Male Artist- Don Amero
Fan’s Choice- Kendra Kay

For a list of all winners and nominees, watch the stream or wait for the MCMA to post it on their website. Congratulations to all of the winners and nominees.

I haven’t been to a concert since the pandemic, and I am so happy the Manitoba Country Music Association could put this event on virtually.

My personal top three performances were from Emma Peterson, Petric and
Don Amero.

Emma Peterson performed her recent single Hurt Like Hell. I had never heard her perform this song live before, and her vocals and the band both sounded great.

Don Amero sang an acoustic version of his single Nothing is Meaningless. My favourite part of a country music performance is when an artist performs with just their acoustic guitar. When performances have the singer-songwriter feel there is more of an emotional and vulnerable feeling to the performance.

Petric performed their song of their new album Flashbacks, All Who Wander. I have seen them perform live a few times, and it never gets old. They chose to strip this performance down to more of an acoustic version, which I enjoyed. It is always nice to see artists change up the recorded version of their song when performing live.

Petric performing their song All Who Wander

It is important that even when we may not be able to gather, we can still celebrate the talent and music of the local Manitoba Country Music artists.

One thought on “Manitoba Country Music Awards are Here

  1. While nothing can really replace the live experience of being in the actual venue, it’s great they put on the event virtually.

    After a long back and forth weighing my decision, I went to my first live indoor show since January 2020 on Thursday night: Iconic Motown acts The Temptations and Four Tops were playing a beautiful old mid-size theater venue not too far from my house.

    Listening to and watching their old school style to deliver Motown classics felt so good! I agree it’s important to celebrate great music.

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